Monday, 28 February 2011

Knobs and Knockers

I recently spent a weekend with a good friend and his partner in their beautiful cottage near Burnham Market in North Norfolk and am utterly smitten by their home.
Besides the brilliant cooking abilities and general welcoming ambiance, the thing I found amazing was the balance of old and new and the attention to detail found throughout their house.

 Admittedly the owner is a well known (and brilliant) TV set designer so maybe it would have been more surprising if it wasn’t as good as it was, but I do get a lot of pleasure from looking at well chosen, well made, well fitted switch plates, light switches, door knobs and escutcheons.
Is that a little sad?
Don’t answer that.
It’s taken 12 years to get the house where it is today, but I would say they are 12 years extremely well spent.
As my house has taken a back seat for far too long, I found it very inspiring and immediately logged onto my favorite hardware website

I love this site. It has the feel of a proper old hardware store and although it’s not quite the same as whiling away an hour or two in an actual store, it’s the closest thing that you'll find on line.
Whatever you want, whatever era you’re buying for – it’s all there.
I dare you to have a look and not want something…..

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  1. i agree, i'm surprised by how many homes, forget the tiny details, i have different plates, sockets in each room to co-ordinate with each light fitting, as these are the things people notice about my home, i am a perfectionist though, and each fitting has to be unique, but it really makes all the difference when bringing a scheme together.