Saturday, 12 March 2011

Are You Feeling It Too?

I now know it's Spring.
Well besides the fact that everything seems more positive and the fact that it is officially Spring, my personal barometer is the pages of classic cars for sale in's Spring when the pages of convertible cars for sale start to expand.
This week they've doubled, so now it's official.

We undergo a subtle mental shift at this time of year that makes us feel that life's good, and it's time to do something, like pretty much all living things, we feel it's time to do something
Like plants, we know it's time.
My theory is to follow nature and try to do a little bit everyday so I'm in in full bloom in Summer, when it counts (I've made that sound a bit camp, but you know what I mean).
Start small - even if it's just opening a window and getting rid of some of the cobwebs (literally and metaphorically) and you'll be surprised that instead of sipping your morning coffee wistfully looking into the middle distance, you'll feel like something needs to be done - that's Spring my friends!
Now's the time to start doing your tear sheets for your home... get out all your magazines and tear out everything you like, a file for each room, and start the process of growth for this year. 
Don't worry about whether or not you can afford it all because it's an exercise in design growth not spending money; you're preparing a goal, something to aim for. Whether you get it done this year, next year, it doesn't matter. Think of it as preparing to bloom, remember that some of the most beautiful flowers explode into flower every other year....

Spring is a positive emotion, like happy. We should be able to say 'I'm Spring today' or 'You make me Spring'.

So check your local car sales to see if it's Spring in your area too, open a window and start feeling SPRING!!

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